Wintry Korpilahti

I spent a few days around Christmas at Korpilahti, which resulted in lots of new photos being added to the gallery, taken in both solar and lunar light.

It's been well over five years since the last time I walked around in Korpilahti and it's quite funny how I now perceived the village in totally different way. In lack of a better expression, things just made sense better than before, history-wise. I think I could disentangle the different layers leaved by different eras in town planning, buildings and infrastructure and deduce why things are the way they are now. The light green signs in red-brick municipal buildings are still ugly as hell and incomprehensible, but maybe they will be remembered in the future as a similar fad of tastelessness than rokoko.

Trip to mount Oravivuori was quite nice, we had to plunge through snowdrifts, quagmire and climb up (and down) icy rocks, but the view at the top of the gazebo was even more exhilarating than at summertime.

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Posted by Matias at 26.12.2004 11.20 (12 years ago) | 15 comments


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