Veren tytär

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. I designed cd covers for my friends' band, Surma! The title of the cd is Veren tytär. Bigger version of the cover here.

(Surma is a poetic word for death in Finnish - I believe bane would be quite a good translation. Veren tytär means Daughter of Blood - at least the genre provides the pretext.)

The covers turned out pretty well, although the print quality was not the best possible. As is probably obvious, the covers were heavily (no pun intended) influenced by modern Japanese horror movies, although the gradient map here goes from black to green instead of white. Usage of complementary colours is probably against the mindset of pretty much anyone with even rudimentary knowledge of chromatics but hey, METAL IS ABOUT BREAKING RULES, EVEN CHROMATOLOGICAL ONES!!!!!!!!!!! Teenage rebellion via graphic design.

Get the trollstormingly true Finnish death metal cd from the nicest of the Finnish domains!

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Posted by Matias at 03.11.2005 20.57 (11 years ago) | 862 comments


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