The Lecture

I was going to attend a lecture, which was held at the top floor of a very tall building, but I was running late. Normally, I wouldn't have cared that much about being late, but the bad thing was that God was giving the lecture.

I entered the building, and encountered a lobby that could have been a lobby of any unimaginative corporate building, which was felt quite weird, since I suspected God sort of avoids the non-radical, non-unhappy, non-discriminating, non-nothing business culture and it's visual manifestations. This impression may have come across me from the tale in the Old Testament, in which He sent several bears to mutilate children who mocked a bald man. Would any corporation which tells of their candidness by showing people of different races in their brocures, hire a fellow with such a fame? (Without the publicity it'd be ok, I guess.) Although you have to admit that action really was - despite being shotgun approach of a worst kind - thinking outside the box.

I pressed the shiny elevator button and the elevator doors opened. I was really running late and I think I might have been a bit afraid. Fortunately, the elevator ride was quick and swift and ahead of me the doors opened to reveal a nice view across a smaller lobby and the horizon beyond.

The lecture hall entrance was just around the corner, so I did not need to look for it. Carefully, I opened the door and entered the hall. It was quite awkward: God had obviously been waiting for me. Everybody in the audience looked at me. I think I managed to mumble something apologetic.

"That's ok", God said. "I knew that you would have been late and I had some things to do so I came here a bit late too. But just a few seconds before you so that it would seem that I had been waiting for you." Omniscience and a sense of humor are an exhilarating combination.

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Posted by Matias at 21.01.2005 23.25 (12 years ago) | 621 comments


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