Art+Communication 2004 festival: Trans-Cultural Mapping

I'll be in Riga, Latvia, participating to the Art+Communication: Trans Cultural Mapping festival from September 30th to October 3rd. I'll be giving a presentation about my Iceland Inside and Out project, ProximityMapper, tentatively scheduled to Saturday from 16 to 18 (not entire 2 hours, others will be doing presentations in the same slot, too). The festival is organized by the very active Riga Centre for New Media Culture, RICX.

I'm particularly looking forward to seeing the Endocolonization and Social Cartography and Tactical Mobility panels. If I understood correctly, Endocolonization is about mental borders and the "war on terror" discourse. Social Cartography... panel will discuss how maps can be used to enlighten the ad-hoc networks subject to much prejudice.

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Posted by Matias at 30.09.2004 12.12 (13 years ago) | 857 comments


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