Shooting stars

I made a small game for the band of my friend's friends, Apulanta, in which you're - obviously - a maniac who tries to shoot the band members. Maybe not my favourite type of music, but they have a huge audience (the cd went straight to top of the charts) and the game idea was too great to pass. The game was ready a month ago and it should have been published then, at the same time as their new album came out, but for some reasons the promo site for the new album, Kiila, was delayed and it opened last Monday, I think.

My opinion is that the game turned out pretty well: it's honest, naive, tasteless cartoon violence aimed to please the teenaged splatter freak in all of us. Although the graphics (and the entire game concept) are really simple, the gameplay is quite nice, at least if you have fast enough computer. Especially the machine gun has a great feel to it. The people who provided the sounds did quite a good job. And I finally got the chance to try some silly splatter effects with Flash. At least the fans seem to like it.

Here's a direct link to the game if you don't want to go through the site. Try to get to level 3, in which you get the assault rifle and the game gets a lot more fun: dismemberment ensues. If it is too hard, here's a clue: what do people need to move quickly?

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Posted by Matias at 24.04.2005 18.48 (12 years ago) | 692 comments


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