The Rasterbator in the media

ReadyMade magazine is something I never had heard of until one day I got email titled "Press question". My first thought was that something had passed Thunderbird's spam filter, but it was a genuine email from their reporter, who wanted to write an article about The Rasterbator. She asked quite a lot of different things in a few emails and based the half-page article on them. The article turned out quite well, I reckon, she understood quite well all the motives and things behind being enthusiastic about the web and having too much time to do things - at least I'm quite happy about it.

The BBC incident is still a mystery. Quite a few people mentioned to me that they heard about The Rasterbator from a BBC news show that features different web sites and the reporters of the show even used it to create a huge poster. I cannot recall the name of the show just now, sorry. The shows were available in the Internet and mysteriously one of them was a few minutes shorter than the others - which were exactly of equal length. However, the following show contained a concise apology, something like "we're sorry one of the sites we featured last week contained some questionable material". Huh? The BBC team have failed to reply to the few emails I have sent to them to inquire about whether it really was The Rasterbator, or whether someone was playing an elaborate practical joke on me..

Although my generall impression on the BBC is very good - due to the open source video codec, opening the archives for non-commercial use and many great programs - still, THAT'S NO WAY TO RUN A PUBLIC SERVICE. Just kidding.

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Posted by Matias at 08.12.2004 21.38 (12 years ago) | 483 comments


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