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Yay! In-depth analysis of the little games I occassionally tinker!

GasGames offers a unique take on casual games as illustrated by its creativity in game design and aesthetics.

Thanks, Jay, for the article! I'm honored - and feel surprisingly institutionalized :). However, here is a point I'd like to make.

The site homokaasu.org was never intended to be a pure gaming site - it's a platform for artistic experiments unlimited by boundaries of good taste or target audiences. We recognize that our audience could be even bigger than the 400000 monthly visitors if the site was tasteless to no extent. For example, The Rasterbator has missed some huge publicity due to other content on the site, but that's a decision we stand behind. (Reminisce your favourite quote about Picasso, creativity and taste now.) So rather than "many of the games are worthy of mention, despite the site they are hosted on", I feel that "many of the games are worthy of mention, because of the site they are hosted on" - in other words: free creativity equals creative outcome.

I just removed the confirmation dialog that used to come up when changing the game - it was a leftover from a time when the game apps were displayed at a much smaller size and I had received some complaints from people who accidentally ended their game. Thanks also for pointing that out.

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