www.nyt.fi and html thereof

The weekly color supplement of the biggest newspaper of Finland renovated their www pages a while ago. I hope they did not pay very much to the developers. In my opinion, the technical quality of the outcome is very low.

The source code of the front page, http://www.nyt.fi, consists of 93218 bytes. However, there are only 2829 text characters. The actual content is 3% of the page; the rest is markup.
  • The web page claims to be HTML 4.0 Transitional. However, it does not validate.
  • The markup is full of empty lines and spaces at the beginning of lines. In fact, when removing these, the source code could be reduced to 63377 bytes. 32% of the page is blank data that could be removed!
  • All the css classes are named by the appearance they provide. For example, <td class="tddarkestgray"> or <td class="tdblack"> or <span class="text_bold">. The very idea of classes is to add semantic meaning.
  • Transparent gif images are used to space areas. No padding or markup.
  • Borders of the images within links are removed by writing border="0" as an img element attribute. This could have been accomplished with css definition img { border:0; }. Similar definitions are used in tables. By removing border definitions, the byte count was reduced by 3410.
  • Hacks like <table><tr><form><td> ... The idea of this is probably to remove the margin of the form element. Why not use css definition form { margin:0; padding:0; }
Of course, some of the
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