Leading by Example

This is so ironic. Former Miss Finland, drunk driver, Minister of Culture, Tanja Karpela has been caught sporting a pirated Prada bag in Slovenia in a formal occasion. Here's a short summary of selected recent occurrences.

  1. Ms Karpela dubiously rams through a copyright legislation, which (among other malevolent things) makes the receiver of illegally distributed copyrighted material liable even though several experts and committees held this liability too difficult for consumers.
  2. Ms Karpela buys counterfeited goods.
  3. She justifies this:
    It is very hard for an ordinary tourist to know which is genuine and what is not. The distributor of the goods is liable. This is something that copyright legislation still has much room for improvement.
  4. And regrets:
    If the bag really is a copy, I paid way too much for it.

(Quotes and page image from the 20.10.2005 issue of Iltalehti, here is an image of the article)

Our Minister of Culture, the one responsible for copyright issues, who takes pride in "making decisions using intuition", bought pirated item from criminals and explained that it is too difficult to know which goods are genuine. And what she regrets is that SHE PAID TOO MUCH for a pirated bag. I can think of two options which would explain such a conduct: either she has quite opprobrious double standards or she's a downright stupid git. Way to go, Keskustapuolue, backbone of Finland.

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