Printing to HP PSC Series Windows share from Linux

Here's a quick reminder for myself, since I have a feeling I have to do this again (and again), since after a month or two of usage, when trying to access the scanner, Windows heroically gets jammed and does not unjam until everything (drivers, registry keys, local setting folders) with "HP" is removed from the system. At least I did not found a less painful way.

To share a HP PSC 1200 printer connected to Windows so that Linux users (with older version of Samba, I reckon) can print too, the "Enable bidirectional support" option must be unchecked. This can be found from the Ports sheet of the property window of the printer.

And another reminder while I'm at it: to adjust bicycle brake pads, a 5 mm hex wrench and a 10 mm set wrench are needed.

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Posted by Matias at 17.01.2005 18.12 (12 years ago) | 306 comments


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