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In the first 24 hours 3400 people downloaded The Rasterbator and a German support site emerged, which is way greater response than I expected. Please upload pictures (photographs) of the rasterbated images (generated by either the web version or the standalone) preferably in their surroundings to the Rasterbation Gallery.


Being a computer program, it's bound to beget trouble. Here are few common problems and hopefully their solutions.

When running the program, an error window with code 0xc0000135 or with message "The dynamic link library mscoree.dll could not be found in the specified path..." pops up

The computer does not have .NET Framework 1.1 installed. Run the installer program and try again. Please note that you need to have sufficient rights (depending on your network settings) to install the framework.

I cannot find the output file

If you did not change anything in phase 5, it is in the same directory where the source file. The filename is the same as of the source file, except that the extension is .pdf (the computer may not show the extensions, depending on your configuration).

I still cannot find the output file

If you did not extract the .dll files from the archive and run the program, the rasterbation won't succeed. (There's no error message, which is of course confusing and this will be fixed.)

Things to wait for

I hope to release quite soon version 1.1, which would support external language files. This enables people to translate the program into different languages rather easily.

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