Turku-Tammisaari-Helsinki by Bike

Glistening Bike Great summer activities! I bicycled with two friends from Turku to Helsinki. Although the shortest possible travel distance between these cities is something like 160 km, we spent the night at Tammisaari and rode 300 km in two days.

We based the route on the recommendations in the excellent guide book published by Karttakeskus and it went mostly along The King's Road, an ancient postal route. That was a wise choice, since the route in the guide book was very well thought of and it had only 6 kilometers of driving along a busy highway - all the other roads were quite rustic byways, mostly surfaced, but there were truly enough gravel road also.

Without the guide, we would never have thought ourselves of going under a small subway under the railway, apparently to backward direction, to gain access to old, quiet highway going along the new one. Or we would have missed the photogenetic dams and all the countryside scenery. Hence, the guide book was very useful and I would recommend the Fillariopas series for anyone taking longer bicycle trips in Finland.

And, of course, there are images!

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