Complex numbers in ActionScript

Here's a class for handling complex numbers and their basic operations with ActionScript. With minor modification it should work with JavaScript as well. It should be pretty obvious to use by just looking at the source code. Due to lack of operator overloading, there are methods for Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide and Equals. It's probaly a lot slower than the native Number class/data type.

function Complex(r, i) {

Complex.prototype=new Object();

Complex.prototype.Add=function(im) {
  return new Complex(this.r+im.r, this.i+im.i);

Complex.prototype.Subtract=function(im) {
  return new Complex(this.r-im.r, this.i-im.i);

Complex.prototype.Equals=function(c) {
  return this.r==c.r && this.i==c.i;

Complex.prototype.Multiply=function(im) {
  return new Complex(this.r*im.r-this.i*im.i, this.i*im.r+this.r*im.i);

Complex.prototype.Divide=function(im) {
  var c=this.Multiply(im.Conjugate());
  var d=im.r*im.r+im-i*im.i;
  return new Complex(c.r/d, c.i/d);

Complex.prototype.Argument=function() {
  return Math.atan2(this.i, this.r);

Complex.prototype.Modulus=function() {
  return Math.sqrt(this.r*this.r+this.i*this.i);

Complex.prototype.Conjugate=function() {
  return new Complex(this.r, -this.i);

Complex.prototype.toString=function() {
  if(this.r==0 && this.i==0) return "0";
  var s="";
  if(this.r!=0) s+=this.r;
  if(this.i>0 && this.r!=0) s+="+";
  if(this.i==1) {
    return s;
  if(this.i==-1) {
    return s;
  if(this.i!=0) s+=this.i+"i";
  return s;
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