Breaking the Copyright Law

For Sale

Katamari Damacy PlayStation 2 game, never published in Europe, bought from Amazon USA and imported to Finland with intention to resell.

How to decrypt DVDs

/*     efdtt.c     Author:  Charles M. Hannum <>             */
/*     Thanks to Phil Carmody <> for additional tweaks.    */
/*     Length:  434 bytes (excluding unnecessary newlines)                 */
/*     Usage is:  cat title-key scrambled.vob | efdtt >clear.vob           */
#define m(i)(x[i]^s[i+84])<<
unsigned char x[5],y,s[2048];main(n){for(read(0,x,5);read(0,s,n=2048);write(1,s
,n))if(s[y=s[13]%8+20]/16%4==1){int i=m(1)17^256+m(0)8,k=m(2)0,j=m(4)17^m(3)9^k

How to circumvent audio disc copy protection

If the audio disc is protected using MediaMax CD3, press and hold SHIFT when inserting the disc into a Windows machine. Or use Tweak UI to turn off cd autoplay.

Making your Internet operator liable

Only personal use of the following program is allowed by its author. Under no circumstances may companies make copies of the program, especially internet operators in regard to caching.

// utility to copy images from camera
using System;
using System.IO;

class cp {
  public static void Main(string[] args) {
    string TargetDir=@"g:\pics"+System.DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyyMMdd")+@"";
    if(!Directory.Exists(TargetDir)) Directory.CreateDirectory(TargetDir);

    string SourceDir=@"p:\dcim\101msdcf";
    if(!Directory.Exists(SourceDir)) SourceDir=@"o:\dcim\101msdcf";

    string[] Files=Directory.GetFiles(SourceDir);
    int Count=0;
    foreach(string s in Files) {
      string fn=s.Substring(s.LastIndexOf(""));
      Console.WriteLine("copying "+fn+" ("+Count+"/"+Files.Length+")");
      File.Move(s, TargetDir+fn);

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