Christian Apocalyptic Fiction

Until yesterday, I was completely unaware that an entire subgenre of science fiction called Christian Apocalyptic Fiction exists. It sounds just too good to pass! I read about it from The Zenith Angle by Bruce Sterling - one of the characters of the book read CAF novels - and I searched the Internet for it with results aplenty. CAF seems to be quite a thriving subculture, the biggest publisher has allegedly sold 40 million copies!

The basic idea is that all the righteous Christians are transferred to Heaven and the heretics are left behind to Earth to battle with the troops of the Antichrist. This is almost as good as the concept of zombies.

I would never have come up with a notion of fundamentalist scifi by myself, but it makes sense. If religious spreadsheets are a hit in the American Midwest, why not science fiction. Based on this, I would guess that scifi literature with communist agenda is bound to exist - it might be even better! The Soviet Union produced at least scifi movies. North Korean scifi would probably be the best, when judged from the point of view of totalitarian propaganda kitch esthetics.

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