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Rasterbator Photo Challenge

JPG Magazine is running a Rasterbator Photo Challenge! Take a photograph, rasterbate, print and mount it and take a photograph of the installation.

They are also doing an entire spread on the application for issue 7, including my interview - and I was granted not only that particular magazine, but a free subscription, very courtesious of them!

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Surma: III

Surma band Surma: III

Another cd cover design for Surma, the deathiest and doomiest of them all!

This time we aimed for something quite different from the typical visual appearance of their grizzly genre and especially the band image featuring their messianic vocalist and the modern design of the district of Ruoholahti quite overwhelmingly nails it. (The cd cover looks much better in the cd case, it's rather bland when seen from a monitor with white surroundings... PLEASE PLEASE BELIEVE ME! IT REALLY DOES!)

The vignettes I also am happy with.

Download and/or order the cd here!

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Posted by Matias at 10.10.2006 21.07 (11 years ago) | 3270 comments

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