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Stockholm image gallery Picture: Slaying the noisome Dragon Picture: Beautiful rust formations

In order to accommodate to the tradition of Easter an entry is in place. Since this analogy juxtaposes this collection of scrawled missives of variable topics and quality with certain religious characters (take note of the diagrams), mentioning of whom in contemporary media is controversial to the extreme, we shall refrain from further elaboration.

Like certain memetic concoctions tell tales of visits to hillside caves, I visited the capital of Sweden. Not much to tell about that, just see the images if your inclinations and ambitions toward the subject matter thusly encourage. Although air traffic requires no infrastructure across the route as opposed to railway traffic, it feels quite bizarre that it's cheper to fly to Stockholm than it is to take a train to Jyväskylä. I had not visited Stockholm for five years, but nowadays Helsinki is surprisingly similar to it, however the buildings are nicer and much less boring, the Museum of Modern Art has a permanent collection with no equivalent counterpart and unlike at the state-church-oppressed skunk works which is Finland, the shops were allowed to be open during Easter.

The outrageous similes have vanished, which means there is no point in further writing. I hope to allegorize more often in the foreseeable future.

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