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Rasterbator Photo Challenge

JPG Magazine is running a Rasterbator Photo Challenge! Take a photograph, rasterbate, print and mount it and take a photograph of the installation.

They are also doing an entire spread on the application for issue 7, including my interview - and I was granted not only that particular magazine, but a free subscription, very courtesious of them!

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Surma: III

Surma band Surma: III

Another cd cover design for Surma, the deathiest and doomiest of them all!

This time we aimed for something quite different from the typical visual appearance of their grizzly genre and especially the band image featuring their messianic vocalist and the modern design of the district of Ruoholahti quite overwhelmingly nails it. (The cd cover looks much better in the cd case, it's rather bland when seen from a monitor with white surroundings... PLEASE PLEASE BELIEVE ME! IT REALLY DOES!)

The vignettes I also am happy with.

Download and/or order the cd here!

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Music Video Goodness

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum video screenshot Here be a collection of great music and/or videos that be available in YouTube!

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Turku-Tammisaari-Helsinki by Bike

Glistening Bike Great summer activities! I bicycled with two friends from Turku to Helsinki. Although the shortest possible travel distance between these cities is something like 160 km, we spent the night at Tammisaari and rode 300 km in two days.

We based the route on the recommendations in the excellent guide book published by Karttakeskus and it went mostly along The King's Road, an ancient postal route. That was a wise choice, since the route in the guide book was very well thought of and it had only 6 kilometers of driving along a busy highway - all the other roads were quite rustic byways, mostly surfaced, but there were truly enough gravel road also.

Without the guide, we would never have thought ourselves of going under a small subway under the railway, apparently to backward direction, to gain access to old, quiet highway going along the new one. Or we would have missed the photogenetic dams and all the countryside scenery. Hence, the guide book was very useful and I would recommend the Fillariopas series for anyone taking longer bicycle trips in Finland.

And, of course, there are images!

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The Chaotic Rome

Picture: Pillars at the Roman Forum Picture: Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, very EURy Picture: Vote him! Vacation trip this year lead to Rome. You won't regret skipping some of the overpriced ancient sights, but don't miss EUR. It's a chaotic, erratic and strenuous city, yet very nice. Images here!

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When Bad Journalism Goes Worse

It seems that the boundary of good practice of journalism in Finland is set somewhere a little above publishing images of national heroes. The sleaze magazine Seitsemän Päivää scored a new low and published several years old photos of Tomi Putaansuu, vocalist of the Eurovision Song Contest winner Lordi, on the cover of the newest issue, against pleas he has made on several occassions. This probably is nothing new to anyone residing in Finland with access to any media outlet.

Hämeen Sanomat, a regional newspaper also published a nonmasked image of band members. As far as I understood, this was in reference to a foreign magazine.

Both of the magazines are currently under extremely heavy criticism and are target of an (apparently) spontaneous grassroot movement. Boycott and petition sites have emerged and they are having loads of visitors. It appears these have been authored by rather young people, which just validates the greatness of Internet publishing.

Even though I really don't care about the Putaansuu Disclosure, I'm extremely delighted.

Although the criticism started with an irrelevant issue, it seems to have set ablaze a previously unknown wildfire of extreme dislike, even loathing, against the lowest representatives of the yellow press and their way of violating the privacy of famous persons (and it really does not take much here to be "famous" enough to appear in Seiska). It is very positive, no matter what is the reason and reasoning of each participant, that people for once are reacting to what they deem unethical journalism.

Quite a few commentors draw parallels between this and the Prophet Mohammed cartoons. It appears to me, that there indeed are some similarities in these occassions. What makes them completely different, though, is that in this case, I have not seen any comments that state that Seiska did not have the right to publish the images. This is very fortunate, since it would be disastrous if people were campaigning for limitations to the freedom of speech to ensure the privacy of their idols. It would yield loads of collerateral damage. Seiska did have the right to publish the image. And still does. And this is just the way I like it to be.

Completely another issue, apart from the right to publish something, is whether the action are ethical, necessary or smart. Rumor has it there has been thousands of cancelled orders during the first day of the outrage and at least a few (probably small) markets have removed Seiska from their selection of magazines. The petitions have collected over a hundred thousand names and about every forum is dissing the publisher of the magazines. From outside point of view it appears that no, it was not very smart to publish the image.

The outrage seems to maintain it's focus quite unprecedentedly. It would be easy to stray to irrelevancies, but the rather uncoordinated campaign is about despicable journalism more than Lordi, although the latter started the whole thing.

I do not appreciate sleaze magazines very high (as can probably be read from the selection of words I use to describe them) so I am happily participating in the boycott. I would advise everyone to, of course in addition to cancelling their subscriptions, contact the companies that advertise in magazines published by Aller and tell them what they think of the media of their selection. Also, if the shop you purchase daily goods from carries the magazines, tell the manager that if a market in the neighbourhood should remove magazines of Aller from their selection, you would do your business there.

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Stockholm image gallery Picture: Slaying the noisome Dragon Picture: Beautiful rust formations

In order to accommodate to the tradition of Easter an entry is in place. Since this analogy juxtaposes this collection of scrawled missives of variable topics and quality with certain religious characters (take note of the diagrams), mentioning of whom in contemporary media is controversial to the extreme, we shall refrain from further elaboration.

Like certain memetic concoctions tell tales of visits to hillside caves, I visited the capital of Sweden. Not much to tell about that, just see the images if your inclinations and ambitions toward the subject matter thusly encourage. Although air traffic requires no infrastructure across the route as opposed to railway traffic, it feels quite bizarre that it's cheper to fly to Stockholm than it is to take a train to Jyväskylä. I had not visited Stockholm for five years, but nowadays Helsinki is surprisingly similar to it, however the buildings are nicer and much less boring, the Museum of Modern Art has a permanent collection with no equivalent counterpart and unlike at the state-church-oppressed skunk works which is Finland, the shops were allowed to be open during Easter.

The outrageous similes have vanished, which means there is no point in further writing. I hope to allegorize more often in the foreseeable future.

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