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The Lecture

I was going to attend a lecture, which was held at the top floor of a very tall building, but I was running late. Normally, I wouldn't have cared that much about being late, but the bad thing was that God was giving the lecture.

I entered the building, and encountered a lobby that could have been a lobby of any unimaginative corporate building, which was felt quite weird, since I suspected God sort of avoids the non-radical, non-unhappy, non-discriminating, non-nothing business culture and it's visual manifestations. This impression may have come across me from the tale in the Old Testament, in which He sent several bears to mutilate children who mocked a bald man. Would any corporation which tells of their candidness by showing people of different races in their brocures, hire a fellow with such a fame? (Without the publicity it'd be ok, I guess.) Although you have to admit that action really was - despite being shotgun approach of a worst kind - thinking outside the box.

I pressed the shiny elevator button and the elevator doors opened. I was really running late and I think I might have been a bit afraid. Fortunately, the elevator ride was quick and swift and ahead of me the doors opened to reveal a nice view across a smaller lobby and the horizon beyond.

The lecture hall entrance was just around the corner, so I did not need to look for it. Carefully, I opened the door and entered the hall. It was quite awkward: God had obviously been waiting for me. Everybody in the audience looked at me. I think I managed to mumble something apologetic.

"That's ok", God said. "I knew that you would have been late and I had some things to do so I came here a bit late too. But just a few seconds before you so that it would seem that I had been waiting for you." Omniscience and a sense of humor are an exhilarating combination.

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Printing to HP PSC Series Windows share from Linux

Here's a quick reminder for myself, since I have a feeling I have to do this again (and again), since after a month or two of usage, when trying to access the scanner, Windows heroically gets jammed and does not unjam until everything (drivers, registry keys, local setting folders) with "HP" is removed from the system. At least I did not found a less painful way.

To share a HP PSC 1200 printer connected to Windows so that Linux users (with older version of Samba, I reckon) can print too, the "Enable bidirectional support" option must be unchecked. This can be found from the Ports sheet of the property window of the printer.

And another reminder while I'm at it: to adjust bicycle brake pads, a 5 mm hex wrench and a 10 mm set wrench are needed.

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First images from Titan

I sent a probe to Titan, too, and it transmitted the first batch of images and data. Incredibly, it seems that this satellite of Saturn consists of blurry mountains and rocks.

However, I had to reduce the quality of the images to make them look as authentic as the images of the other "probe" that was "sent" to "Titan".

(No offense to the ESA team intended - just tributary veneration and praise.)

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Internet legends come true

MemoryBlog has a piece about a rather interesting document - although I am not completely sure of it's genuinity - according to which, the US Air Force has been planning, or at least thought of planning, to develop quite bizarre chemical weapons. These include chemicals which would aggravate irritating animals such as insects, but the funniest passage is as follows:

Chemicals that effect human behavior so that discipline and morale in enemy units is adversely effected. One distasteful but completely non-lethal example would be strong aphrodisiacs, especially if the chemical also caused homosexual behavior.

The quote is at the beginning of the second page of the document (pdf).

As every enlightened netizen knows, the Catholic Church has been doing this for years, which means that the supremacy of the US Army is only an illusion and the true power is elsewhere.

If the US military success in developing the chemical weapons and start to use them, what would happen to warfare media coverage? Surely they couldn't show the effects of these weapons on public channels. Maybe the raucous HBO would take on the role of propaganda machine for future wars.

UPDATE (19.1.2005): It's on BBC.

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